New Loos!

We are sure that everyone who loves Grimsargh Village Hall will be as delighted as we are with the news that we are having all three of the ladies, gents and accessible toilets completely refurbished/replaced. Obviously this will mean a period of disruption, but it will be Matt Hall's team doing the work and those of you who remember the extension work back in 2010 will know they were a very considerate and accomodating bunch.

The layouts will be broadly the same, but with the (closed off) shower cuble in the ladies being replaced by a toilet and the ceiling in the accessible toilet dropped. Walls will be covered in Multipanel, floor in anti-slip lino, cubicles and vanities in high grade composites, baby changing facilities in the ladies and accessible, hot air hand dryers as well as paper towels and a whole host of other improvements.

They won't quite look like the picture below (a bit of artistic license there!), but will be a huge improvement.

New Loos



A significant disruption will be starting Monday 16th January 2017, when the accessible toilet will be taken out of commission and this one completed first. This is likely to take 1-2 weeks. Anyone who relies on this facility will need to be aware it is "out of action".


The ladies and gents will then be done over a period of 4 weeks commencing on the 30th January. The Pre-School toilets will be available during the works, so there will be alternative facilities.