Well we are endeavouring to find clarity among the raft of national and local lockdown guidance on Covid-19 in regards to what we can and cannot do.

It is becoming clear that some activities are permissible. 

So far we have the following groups using the Village Hall:

Others groups we know are currently developing their procedures ahead of their return are: Guides, Brownies, Sugarcraft Cake Modelling, Positively Pawfect and Lace-Making. Others are in active discussions with their governing bodies or researching for themselves in order to establish just what the current restrictions mean for their activities.

Each group has to write their own Risk Assessment, pertaining to their particular activity and how they are going to do everything possible to ensure the safety of their groups and our wider community.

We all have a role to play. We are sure you are fully familiar with the requirements now for attending any public venue, but just as a reminder:

  • Do not come to the Village Hall if you or any member of your household has Covid symptoms  or has been contacted by NHS Track & Trace and told to self-isolate
  • Ensure you use the hand-sanitiser immediately on entering the hall - or go and wash your hands before going any futher into the building
  • Face-coverings must be worn on entering the Villlage Hall, unless you are exepmpt for medical reasons. They may be removed during your activity, if that is exempt
  • Strict social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times: 1m minimum between persons wearing face-coverings, 2m minimum from any person not wearing a face-covering
  • The kitchen facilities are not to be used for preparing refreshments, at this time. If your activity requires it (exercise, for ecample, or of a long duration), you may bring your own, but this is generally discouraged.
  • Everyone should wash their hands frequently or sanitise during their time at the hall
  • Your group/activity will be responsible for cleaning down after your session - consider offering to help in this task
  • It is a legal requirement from the 18th September for all venues that every group records names and contact details for anyone attending a session (shops and therefore the Farmers' Market are exempt). Please be prepared to give your accurate details - or be turned away from your session. Group leaders will comply with confidentiality regulations and will only keep the information for 21 days from the date of the session. 
  • Please be prepared to let your group leader know if you or any member of your household develops Covid symptoms within 14 days of attending a session at the Village Hall. This is perhaps over and above any legal requirement - but we are confident all members of our community will wish to do everything they can to keep us all safe.

If there are any queries, please direct these either to your group's leader, or by email to: info@gvca.co.uk, including the group that you are due to be attending.