We are following all Government guidance to ensure we do everything we can to maintain a safe environment for hall users, our staff and ourselves. We drew up an initial "COVID-Secure" Risk Assessment (RA) early in June and have published this to the couple of users who are currently making a limited use of the hall. They both meet the requirements that enable their activities to take place. Our cleaners are working with us to develop our cleansing practices.

The RA has been updated to account for the additional measures required to enable us to hold an OUTDOOR Farmers' Market, starting Saturday 20th June. In addition, we have drawn up Stall-Holders Guidelines and drafted a layout to optimise "Social Distancing" measures at the Market. These documents have all been shared with the stall-holders. You can find the layout and list of stalls on our Farmers' Market page.

We are studying hard all the updates to official Guidance as they become available. We and all village/community halls are in a slightly unique situation in that we are a mix of many of the categories under which the information is being issued:

  • education/support to education
  • employment - many small businesses rely on our venues
  • retail - Farmers' Markets!
  • hospitality

We have recently received guidance notes drawn up by ACRE, via Community Futures - which have confirmed we appear to be doing all the right things!

We shall soon start active discussions with our Regular Users to discuss start to formulate plans for what we will all need to do, to be able to make the use of our Village Hall as safe as can be reasonably achieved. This is all about minimising risks - it is impossible to eliminate them entirely.

We do recognise that some activities are unlikely to be able to re-start any time soon - due to issues of Social Distancing impracticalities or the demographics of the group, making them uneasy about starting back up. We hope that we will continue to enjoy the support of our Village as we all work our way through the processes required.

If you have any queries, do email us: info@gvca.co.uk.

Eileen Murray - Chair